Официальный сайт международных соревнований среди пожарных и спасателей на приз имени В.В. Дехтерёва и Сильнейший пожарный, ежегодно проводимых в Санкт-Петербурге.

Regulation for international competitions between gas and smoke protective service units for the V.V. Dekhterev prize


for international competitions

between gas and smoke protective service units

for the V.V. Dekhterev prize


  1. Aims and Objectives

Competitions among units of Gas and Smoke Protection Service (hereafter GSPS) are conducted with the aim to improve skills of GSPS personnel, exchange professional knowledge, improve readiness of fire departments for fire-fighting and rescue operations in unsuitable for breathing environment, identify the best GSPS units and strengthen cooperation between the fire services of the States Parties.

  1. Organization, Dates and Venue.


2.1. Dates of Competitions.

Competitions are held on the territory of the fire and rescue garrison of St. Petersburg on the third or fourth Friday of September. The participants are teams of fire services, operating breathing apparatus with compressed air no less than 60 minutes, which have confirmed their participation and sent the application (Appendix 1) before September 1 of the current year. The organization of the competitions is the responsibility of the Chief of part-time Gas and Smoke Protective Service (hereafter PtGSPS), Chief of the Logistics Service of Chief Directorate of MES of Russia, Chief of the federal government institution “Crisis Management Center of Chief Directorate of MES of Russia in St. Petersburg” and the Chief of fire and rescue unit, which owns the training ground.

The main objective is to prepare the material and technical base for the competitions, to define the performing order of teams by pre-draw and to determine the winner among GSPS units. The Results have to be registered in the protocol (Appendix 2).


2.2. Participant of Competitions.

Team to participate consists of a team representative and GSPS unit. The team includes four smoke divers (including 1 leader of GSPS unit (if it is required in accordance with requirements document of the participant country (hereafter Requirements)) and an entry control officer (safeguarding smoke diver)), also no more than three reserve smoke divers may be included in the team. Each smoke diver must have an ID and a document confirming the right to work in the environment unsuitable for breathing.

Equipment of smoke divers, marking on fire helmets must meet the Requirements. It is prohibited to use general service uniform (hereafter GSU), Respiratory Protective Equipment (hereafter RPE), firefighting equipment inappropriate for extinguishing actions. The RPE and equipment is allowed to use only with regular fasteners, shoulder straps and waist belt. It is prohibited to make any technical and structural changes in the GSU, firefighting equipment, RPE and equipment that violate the device integrity and the concept of actions. It is also not allowed to use: cellotape, insulating tape, wire, etc. as a fixation elements.


2.3. Program of Competitions.

During competitions teams are suggested to perform at least two exercises with the following elements:

— Passing the psychological training zone of obstacles;

— Searching of «fire seat»;

— Finding and releasing of «victim»;

— Evacuation of «property»;

— Use of power tools;

— Deployment and exploration in environment unsuitable for breathing, with the elimination of simulated fire seat.

— Other exercises that improve professional skills of smoke divers.

PtGSPS approved the conditions of competitions, determining the composition of the exercise, as well as the time penalty imposed for violation of these terms and conditions (further Terms).      


  1. Competitions regulations.

3.1. Competitions are held in accordance with this Regulation. Decisions made by a panel of judges during competitions, should not change the essence of requirements of this Regulation.

3.2. Information about the Conditions of exercise of are to be direct to team representatives no later than 5 September.

3.3. When performing exercises the work of GSPS unit is organized on the basis of the requirements of Regulations prescribing the fire-fighting activities and rescue operations in the environment unsuitable for breathing.

3.4. Protests concerning issues arising in the course of competitions must be submitted to the Chief Referee, in writing, no later than 15 minutes after the official announcement of the results. An appeal can only be made by the team representative.

3.5. The execution time of each exercise, as well as the penalty time imposed for its failure to be determined by the Conditions.

3.6. It is allowed after completing each exercise do not use PRE and have a rest.

3.7. When GSPS unit is executing exercises, an entry control officer (safeguarding smoke diver) provides insurance of smoke divers, as well as performs the actions specified in Conditions.

3.8. It is prohibited to change team composition, entry control officer (safeguarding smoke diver), except when one of the participants can not continue participation due to medical reasons.

3.9. If a participant can not continue participation due to medical reasons, it is allowed his replacement from among the reserve smoke divers or team representative, with the possible replacement of entry control officer (safeguarding smoke diver).

3.10. In order to fulfill the requirements of Regulations, the team representative, at the request of the Chief Judge of competitions, no later than 5 September this year, should send a list of requirements to equipment of smoke divers.


  1. The staff of a referee’s collegiums

Members of the jury:

— a chief referee of competitions;

— a senior judge;

— a senior judge on the exercise;

— a judge informant;

— a judge with participants;

— judges on the exercise stages.


  1. The winners of competitions and rewarding procedure.

The winner of competitions is determined by the least amount of time spent on the implementation of all exercises. The top ranked team will be awarded with the cup, certificates, medals and valuable gift. The second and third place teams will be awarded with certificates, medals and valuable gifts.

APPLICATION for participation of GSPS unit in international competitions